Future Fest

May 14—16
Oslo, 2018


2 days. 16 topics. 384 seats. 64 new opportunities.  

Katapult Future Fest is about creating output across gender, age, expertise and background by solving challenges and create opportunities. During the two festival days, participants, speakers and startups are invited to take part in the co-creation of a better future by discussing the opportunities of a variety of different topics. 

In the KFF workshops, held in Sirkus at Salt, you will be working in smaller groups to identify opportunities, before discussing with larger groups and eventually sharing the results with everyone.

The workshop:

-       One topic
-       24 participants
-       90 minutes, please see time below
-       Four key opportunities
-       One leaf ceremony for the Future Tree


Katapult Future Fest is designed to create action towards reaching and transcending the UN SDGs. The selected topics at KFF18 are therefore taken through a four-step model starting with a keynote presentation, continuing into an in-depth fireside chat and a panel discussion, before rounded off in an with speakers and participants side by side. There will be 16 workshops taking place over the two festival days, providing hands-on activities that create real output.