Future Fest

May 14—16
Oslo, 2019

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Episode 3 + Katapult podcast - Being LOUD about diversity - Sophia Bendz and Arlan Hamilton (LIVE AT SLUSH)

93% of capital invested in tech 2018 went to all male founding teams says Atomico's report Diversity and Inclusion in Tech. Meet two trailblazing and impressive investors who are really moving the needle for diversity in technology - Arlan Hamilton founder and CEO of Backstage Capital and Sophia Bendz partner at Atomico.

Episode 2 +Katapult podcast - How do you know what you know? With Aza Raskin (LIVE AT SLUSH)

“What most people don’t realize, is how hackable and persuadable they are” says Aza Raskin, a physicist, designer, musician, serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Center For Humane Technology. He talks about how technology’s changing our behavior and our values. How Facebook and Google are crawling deep into our brains to grab our attention and occupy our minds. He’s the son of Jef Raskin, the inventor of the Macintosh at Apple, and held his first speech on user interfaces at the age of 10. Now he’s deeply concerned about how technology’s tearing apart our common reality.

Episode 1 +Katapult Podcast - Recharge The Future (Peter Carlsson)

How can we stop being dependent on fossil fuels? Peter Carlsson, the co-founder and CEO of Northvolt and previously Elon Musks right-hand man at Tesla, is a good person to ask. He helped launch the Tesla Model S, and right now, his Swedish company’s on a mission to build the greenest battery in the world. Peter Carlsson talks about the importance of our ability to store energy and his ambitious plans for both his business and the planet.

Episode 0 +Katapult Podcast - Meet Aurore

Aurore Belfrage was born in London, grew up in Saudi Arabia and moved to Sweden at the age of nine. She’s very familiar with the world of technology and venture capitalism, as an entrepreneur and investor – and she doesn’t mince her words about the current state of affairs. She promises to go deep into environmental issues, how the brain works, schools and education, new leaderships and how we can use technology to really move the needle. In conversation with Daniel Butenschøn. Tune in!