Future Fest

May 14—16
Oslo, 2019

Listen up! Katapult is launching its own podcast

The +Katapult podcast will air its first episode on Monday, 3 December. Host Aurore Belfrage talks to some of the most brilliant minds in technology and impact, who will give you fresh insights into a variety of topics. Kicking off this season is Peter Carlsson, CEO of Northvolt, previously Elon Musk’s right-hand-man at Tesla.

The team behind +Katapult hopes that the podcast will reach people from all walks of life: students, professors, entrepreneurs, investors, teachers, old and young. Everyone who’d like to learn more about how technology helps make our world go round.

“This is a pilot project to test the water. Our mission is to help make impact investing and technology easier to understand, fun and accessible to everyone. The podcast aims to bring the conversations that take place at the Katapult Future Fest each spring to a broader audience,” says Ida Faldbakken, Creative Director Katapult Future Fest.

She’d like +Katapult to be a fresh addition to the debates surrounding technology, business and the many human-made challenges we’re all facing.

“Our listeners can expect to hear interesting reflections around impact investing and global challenges like poverty, corruption and climate. And, of course, we’ll be debating the many possibilities and challenges linked to new technologies,” Faldbakken explains.

Danske Bank sponsors Katapult Future Fest and works with Nordic Impact on the Katapult Accelerator programme. Now they’ll also be helping to get the podcast off the ground.

“We’ve developed a close relationship with Nordic Impact and the Katapult Future Fest. Our shared mission is to make impact mainstream. We’d like the Nordics to be the epicentre for impact investment, and we both have a business mindset,” says Klavs Hjort, who runs a small team at Danske Bank called “Growth & Impact”. The team creates solutions for startups across the Nordic countries that want to scale up their businesses and build a better world."

The podcast’s target audience is the Nordic countries, but technology knows no borders, and many of our challenges are global.

“Nordic Impact acts globally,” says Klavs Hjort, “and it would be great if +Katapult reaches a global audience, even though the podcast’s main focus will be what’s going on in the Nordics. It’s designed for people who are familiar with the impact field, but we want to make impact mainstream and I do hope it will reach listeners who are new to this area.”

For him and Danske Bank, the journey into startups and impact started back in 2015. 

“We wanted to explore how we could help startups grow, and soon realized we needed to work with partners who knew the startup and impact startup field. Today we collaborate with Rainmaking in Denmark, Singularity in Sweden, Maria 01 in Finland and Nordic Impact in Norway. We run a number of initiatives such as thenordichub.com, helping startups with recruitment, plusimpact.io helping impact startups to find mentors and Danske Bank Growth, a network of 50 advisors who understand how to be a bank for startups.”

Klavs Hjort is impressed by the momentum in the Nordics, considering how new the concepts of impact investing and impact tech are to most people. Since 2015, Danske Bank has facilitated more than 12,000 jobs and  130,000 applicants across the Nordic countries through its new initiative.

“The eco system has matured a lot over the past three years, with more and more advisors, entrepreneurs and investors working towards impact, and everywhere you go, you hear discussions about how we can reach the UN’s 17 global sustainable development goals by 2030,” he says.