Future Fest

May 14—16
Oslo, 2019



KFF Labs offer 15 curated opportunities for experimentation, observation and practice with exploring the most future-facing perspectives on how the world is changing. 

Participants will engage new perspectives and define the questions to answer as heroes on a journey into a stronger, more sustainable future. Lab leaders will guide participants through a narrative-exploration process intended to help crystalize thinking during the Lab around potential traits and tools that should be developed to facilitate the future. 

The parallel labs will take place on May 15th from 1:30 to 3:30pm. Which one will you attend?!

Lab 1: Future Society - living, thinking, looking...
Lab 2: VR & Storytelling for Impact
Lab 3: Consciousness as a Tool for Humanity
Lab 4: Food Systems - what needs to change? 
Lab 5: Breath of Ocean
Lab 6: Unf*ck Capitalism
Lab 7: Future of Learning & Education
Lab 8: Creativity, Art & Experiences for Positive Impact
Lab 9: Climate Shame 
Lab 10: Tech for Good - but how? 
Lab 11: Investing for the Future
Lab 12: Health Tech
Lab 13: Africa - a canvas of opportunities
Lab 14: Strategic Impact Narrative
Lab 15: From Smart Cities to the Learning Society