Katapult Future Fest 2020 is changing in response to the virus outbreak.

As an international convener, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is influencing KFF like all other players in the field. Katapult Future Fest 2020 has decided to not go through with our annual physical experience in Oslo this May as planned. The KFF20 experience will not be canceled, but to meet the current situation we are re-wiring KFF20 in a decentralized format.

We share this message with our community with sadness, but most of all love and compassion for all communities around the world that have or will be affected by the situation. Our drive is to honor the Katapult community and the mission of Katapult Future Fest in the face of the Coronavirus and with that, we invite you all to be part of co-creating KFF20 around the world.

On may 19 we will bring our community together, across the globe, connected in the urgency that affects us all

KFF is about mobilizing humans, technology, and capital for a better world. It is our immediate reaction that these conversations and convening should not abstain. Human to human connections and collaboration are more important than ever. That's why we are extracting the essence of Katapult Future Fest and revamping it with a decentralized and digitized program. Honoring the KFF community and the power of what it means to be supported and part of a whole we see this crisis as a true calling for You; The spirit and soul of KFF.

We are all in the same boat

This year’s topic for KFF is the Future is One. The Coronavirus highlights the need for unity. For us all to feel the oneness in acting together and collaborate on solving the challenges we face in this world. We will keep the conversation going while facilitating inspiring and actionable content and will mobilize capital and tech solutions for the SDGs and beyond.

How to be part of the KFF20

From a place of awareness, we call for the community to take a stand with us and act from love and gratitude, not fear. We invite you to help build the platform for KFF20 in convening everyone in small and tangible pop up gatherings in your hometown, in your community, in your backyard or at your office - connected online in one distributed event. The main elements of this will be:

1. Keeping the conversation going: Katapult Dinners

This is a direct call for those who are in the facilitator role. The KFF Community Dinners are small local gatherings all over the world connecting the KFF network and experts. Creating space for conversations, talks, and collaboration, without the need to travel.

2. Deliver inspiring and thought-provoking content

You can expect a series of podcast episodes capturing the message from our top keynote speakers.

Workshops, educational materials, and peer-peer insights will be distributed on a common platform. More to come in due course.

3. Mobilize founders, technology, and capital for solutions

We also look into the possibility to mobilize resources and generate new tech-tools for preventing, handling and managing the current and coming pandemics. This could be in the form of a Hackathon, a Problem- Solution Challenge or Digital Accelerator. More details on this will be released later.

What do you need to know?
...that we got you covered!

Over the next week more information will come on how to join this years initiatives, take part in the conversation and host local events.

For those of you that have bought tickets, you have the option of still holding on to them or receiving a refund. If you decide to hold on to the ticket you can choose between attending a smaller exclusive event in Oslo in May 2020 or transfer it to secure your participation for KFF21.

Get in contact with us for more information at hello@katapult.tech

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