Join the movement - create the change

Katapult Future Fest is more than an annual two-day happening built to inspire and motivate people towards change. It is also (and perhaps more important) an initiative established to grow a new ecosystem in Oslo (and the world!) based upon trust and impact. Many of the problems we are facing today can be solved through impact investing and entrepreneurship, combined with exponential technologies. By joining us as a volunteer you will have an important part in making a social shift towards a more sustainable (business) world.

As a volunteer for KFF you will:

  • connect and work with (inspiring as sh**) people from all over the world
  • play an important role in creating a successful (and important!) event
  • get to see the festival from the inside and get hands-on event experience
  • make new friends who share the same values as yourself
  • meet global leaders and experts within the impact and tech field

Fun, you say?


We definitely believe in the magic combination of fun and work, and want you to have as much of it as possible when you are with us. There will be a party, there will be awesome food, there will be inspirational moments that can make you cry, and there will be activities that’ll make you want to dance. In order for us to best fulfill your needs and wishes (and place you on a badass team), we ask you kindly to fill out the google form inserted here. Let us know what you prefer to do and the things you are good at!

We’re also making sure you’ll get these goodies (because we’re cool like that):

  • Food/drinks (during shifts)
  • Full Festival Pass to access talks and activities when you’re off
  • Katapult Future Fest t-shirt
  • Workshop with the Katapult Future Fest team (we value your ideas and want to hear them!)
  • New friends
  • An after-party for all volunteers

Are you ready to make a change?

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