OsloSALT - True Taste of Norway

With its unique wooden constructions highlighting Norwegian history and culture, SALT Arena is breaking every rule of a typical conference venue. Situated on the shoreline, SALT is overlooking the fjord, Oslo's famous Opera House, and our newest city district and design winning area, Barcode. 

Imagine to start your day with yoga classes, meditation, sauna and breakfast by the sea, settling in for cutting-edge talks and engaging conversations on tech, impact investing and future societies, before rounding the day off with social dinner parties, music and mingling under the stars. All in the heart of Oslo; all at Katapult Future Fest. 


Sitting on the outer edge of Oslo’s pier, Vippa is a brand new addition to the city’s cultural and gastronomical scene, offering rental space for food and drink enthusiasts who want to share their recipes with the world. Built with an industrial feel and overlooking the Oslo Fjord, VIPPA is serving as a natural market place to the public as well as offering bigger rental space for cultural and educational purposes. As an arena running solely on diversity and collaboration, we at Katapult Future Fest are extremely excited to be using Vippa as venue when kicking off in May.

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