Check out the list below to see some of the chosen impact teams that will attend Katapult Future Fest. These startups all share an urgent will and dedication to change the world towards the better - let's help them succeed!


Neurescue seeks to help save people with cardiac arrest and hemorrhage by using an effective combination of software, sensors and automation.

No Isolation helps people out of loneliness and social isolation. They take loneliness seriously, and build tools for people in vunerable situations.

Your.MD is transforming healthcare by replacing 'personal judgement' with 'algorithmic accuracy', thus enabling patients and health professionals to make informed choices.

Apolitical helps public servants tackle urgent challenges by connecting them to the most innovative policies and people worldwide.

AID:Tech brings social and financial inclusion the world's undocumented and underserved populations using digital identity based on blockchain technology.

Otovo digitalizes the distributed energy value chain.

TikkTalk is an open and transparent marketplace for interpretation services. We connect interpreters with customers worldwide.

Into Life uses a use research and technology to integrate sustainability into food service business practices, leading to more profitable, sustainable and healthier meals.

Trellyz is giving citizens greater access to services available from nonprofits and cities through mobile technology, and helping refugees.

Catalysts aims to reduce drop-out rates amongst minority youth and promote inclusion of unaccompanied minors.

Helpadvisor makes it simple to find the best service providers - i.e. like tripadvisor for services.

Chooose provides climate neutrality to people as a montly subscription for less than €7 per month - and to companies as a climate action PR and CSR tool.

VIO creates a better informed global society by making it effortless to not only find out what’s happening but actually understand why it matters.

Narrafy is the 911 of broken hearts. A narrative assistant powered by artificial intelligence which aims at reducing stigma on mental health.

BloodLink is solving the global issue of blood shortage and blood wastage by making blood as a resource accessible to everyone in times of need.

Lion Healthcare shall empower diabetes patients and save costs for the society through developing nutrition based on sustainable marine resources that reduce blood sugar and cholesterol without side effects.

LiteracyApp builds one AI tutor for every child on earth help bring literacy to the 57 million children currently out of school.

AddSeat improves mobility and status for those with reduced mobility. To ensure we provide employment for those with reduced function.

Skygarden aims at promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth by offering anyone in merging markets access to the digital economy.

Volt makes it significantly easier to own and operate an electric or hybrid car.

Mobil Medical Records Association is solving the problem of fragmented health data, and creates an entirely new platform for patient empowerment.

Careinvent AS is inventing new ways for people with disabilities to live a richer, more fulfilling life. They are putting their hearts into the creations, giving people new inventions in areas where they lack technical solutions.

Ducky is a digital tool designed to quantify, visualize and communicate everyday climate activities in order to educate, empower and motivate people towards environmentally friendly habits and sustainable lifestyles.

EnlightAID delivers a tool enabling true transparency for aid organizations. This allows donors to trace their own donations, seeing where every penny is spent.

KAMA is an interactive family journal. It enables meaningful conversations and preserves memories for the future.

Foodmrkt strengthens local food systems and create sustainable income for small scale farmers by including and connecting them with the value chain.

Kodiak Rating: product formed by CSV Rating provides a software platform to optimize sustainable sourcing and procurement functionalities in global supply chains.

Myld is a cloud-service that solves communication between verified digital identities.

Nofence is launching the worlds first system for virtual fencing for grazing animals – Unlocking the potential to utilize uncultivated land to meet the worlds food security challenge.

CodersTrust is a student finance platform for IT Talents to upgrade their skills so they can earn more money on the global freelance job market.

Favrs is the global sustainable pay it forward sharing network where you share what you have and get access to what you need for free.

ACT is a mobile market place and a collaborative platform with the aim of helping everyone find and shop sustainable products.

NMTech has developed a high level app-based digital solution that allows local data collectors to record personal data of each household member, the system them automatically generates a registered geographical address for the household.

Humaniq is a simple and secure 4th generation mobile bank.

Pawa Technologies has designed, manufactured and introduced a mobile personal solar chargeable power platform that is versatile, modular and tradable.

Student Talks adds value to the world, by creating an event-based platform for inspirational students to share ideas and experiences with their peers all over the world.

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